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Rose slept over yesterday. We had hot wings at Ricos and then rented Black circle boys (aaaah Eric Mabius has a hot ass so does that guy with a 5 sec camio with the tongue ring *sigh*) we also rented Freddie Got fingered. Which had some funny parts (hooves look at my hoooooves!!!) but for the most part was a wate of an hour and a half. Oh well. We also watched Legally Blonde which is a home kinda movie. Yea know... the kind that makes u want to give to charity, be nice to small poor children, and generally be a nice person. (Ill think about that more later) Then today we ventured up to Ithaca (my sactuary) and i bought this awesome goth/ renaissance black shirt. It has huge, long sleeves and laces up, like a corsette, in the front. Only $55 dollars. Eeeeeep. I dont ever wanna hear anyone say its cheap to buy goth stuff. I probably shouldnt have paid that much for a shirt. But i loved it and had to have it. I bought some other lil jewlery but nothing worth talking about. Then going home, we went to the Arnot so i could pick up my kittie cd which i ordered like.... 5months ahead of time. And thats about it.
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