Cassandra (cherrybomb85) wrote,

Boycott the water!!!!

I am going to here by write my distain, loathing, hatred, and frustration in this box. Just because I can....

About these new water machines in Corning West Highschool... YOU STUPID DUMB FUCKS OF BOARD OF EDUCATION!!!!!DDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Water vending machines.... just what we needed. THATS WHAT WATER FOUNTAINS ARE FOR YOU DUMB FUCKS!!!! In the mean time brown crap is still leaking from the ceiling because the board of ed refuses to fix our fucking roof!!!! GOD DAMN YOU ALL. For all you dumb asses who buy this water I suggests you take you're dollar bills, roll them into a tight little wad and then proceed to shove them up your ass until you choke, and then when u try to swallow the paper again it would be great if u got a paper cut all the way down the inside of your esophagus all the while tasting your own shit because it was still on the paper. DEATH BY ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!! Die you stupid sawed off assholes. Drink from the fountain and donate some money to our school souly for fixing our fucking roof. You want water that badly? Drink it from the pales holding leaky rusty water underneath the tiles of our ceiling in room 805. I just pray you get some sort of disease in your bottles water and that some sort of plague is unleashed among you...
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